Activated Bleaching Earth

Terram activated bleaching earth is manufactured at two of our factories at Legok Tangerang. This product is grey or red white powder manufactured from activated calcium bentonite. The raw material bleaching earth is from areas near of our factories, processed by heating and cooked with sulfuric acid. The function of Terram activated bleaching earth is for refining light colour oil like soya bean oil, coconut oil and animal fat. And also for refining heavy colour oil like crude palm oil, paraffin, waxes and used motor oil. Terram activated bleaching earth is produced in high quality process and high quality control. Terram activated bleaching earth has been used at many big cooking oil factory like Tunas Baru Lampung group, Best group, Barco, Ikan Dorang etc.

Terram 1000Terram 1000 is the highest quality of our bleaching earth product. It is used for refining heavy colour oil like second grade crude palm oil and used motor oil. This product is favored by consumers because of it’s powerful bleaching and it’s saving in usage.
Terram 870This activated bleaching earth is used for refining crude palm oil and parrafin. If the crude palm oil is not in first quality, our customers used Terram 870 for processing their cooking oil.
Terram 850Terram 850 is the activated bleaching earth that most widely used by domestic consumers because of its economical price and satisfactory bleaching power.
Terram 820Terram 820 is our activated bleaching earth product which is widely used by consumers who have their own oil palm plantations, so their raw materials of crude palm oil is in high quality and easy to bleach.
Terram 800PTerram 800P is our activated bleaching earth product that is very suitable for refine coconut oil. It is used at coconut oil cooking oil factory like PT. Barco.
Terram QTerram Q is our bleching earth product that is used for bleaching light colour and for bleaching very good quality crude palm oil which is found at Riau area.


Plastic clay which has Monmorilonite above 85% with chemical formula X.Al2O3.4SiO2.nH2O which is soft and shiny like candle.

There are two types of bentonite:

  • Ca-Bentonite: has good absorption power, used as absorbent and catalyst.
  • Na-Bentonite: has nature of colloid and swelling > 8X, used in drilling, molding, binder and coagulant.

Production Process of Activated Bleaching Earth

Spesification of Terram Bleaching Earth Product (In General)

Bulk Density (BD) : Max 0.65 GR/CC

Moistyre Content (1100C 2 Hours) : Max 15%

Particle Size > Mesh 230 : Min 25%

Acidity : Max 8 MGR KOH/GR

Filtration (Thickness 3-4 mm) : Max 480 Second

Surface Area / Absorption Power : (Depends on grade / quality)

Certificate : Dioxin, Heavy Metal, Halal, Kosher

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